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IBM is producing PVC, PS/HIPS and PP foils for thermoforming which is used in packaging industry, isolating materials for building and derating items range.

As we produce different foils ourselves, we can say that our production is „from granule to finished item”.

We produce high quality transparent PVC foils up to 1500 mm wideness and from 0,25 to 0,60mm thickness.

We produce PS/HIPS and PP foils in dimensions up to 800mm wideness, from 0,3mm to 1,5mm thickness, all colours and in two layers. Top layer can be added with GPPS crystal for high glossy finishing.

We can produce different types of packaging according to customer needs with short production time and affordable prices taking into consideration high quality and environmental acceptance.

In our production we produce derating range – big and small boxes and tunnels and plates for rodents which we produce from foil leftovers with special care for envionment.

We also give service of vacuuming and thermoforming for our clients from their material. We can grind foil leftovers from production which guarantee very affordable price and still high quality of products.

Derating range:

Model Product Dimension Packing Price
DK-001 Small derating box 140x115x45 250 pcs/box 0,39€ + PDV
DK-002 Big derating box 245x165x70 100 pcs/box 1,00€ + PDV
T-001 Derating tunnel 150 pcs/box 1,33€ + PDV
T-002 Plate for derating tunnel 200 pcs/box 0,40€ + PDV

Prices on IBM Belišće warehouse

dk001 derat2 derat1