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  • PVC, PS/HIPS and PP foils for thermoforming

    PVC, PS/HIPS and PP foils for thermoforming

  • PS, PP foils

    PS, PP foils

  • Small Deration box

    Small Deration box

  • Big Deration Box

    Big Deration Box

  • Rodents trap

    Rodents trap

About Us

As we produce different foils ourselves, we can say that our production is „from granule to finished item“.

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IBM Production line

Our „circle-designed“ production line is consisted from extruder, vacuum machine, cuter, mixer, masticator, compresor and moulds.

IBM Serivces

We also give service of vacuuming and thermoforming for our clients from their material. We can grind foil leftovers from production which guarantee very affordable price and still high quality of products.

IBM Products

IBM is producing PVC, PS/HIPS and PP foils for thermoforming which is used in packaging industry, isolating materials for building and derating items range.